Sunday, November 28, 2010

Day 54

I love this holiday! You have an excuse to engorge yourself with all sorts of delicious food! I don't like yams. However, Julienne and Jared made yams that were great! They didn't taste like yams. Instead, they tasted like coconut! ...thanks to the can of coconut milk they dumped in... I also had a piece of peanut butter pie. Oh it was good, but literally, it was JUST peanut butter and cream cheese. WAY too rich. I would have much rather enjoyed putting a dollup of coconut cream pie on my tongue and savoring every bit of that!
It's always a great day even without the food. All the family got together. Gabriel, Chris, and their super cute little boys.. one of which was the first time I got to see him.. came into town for the holiday weekend. I cut my sister's and my niece's hair. We played Just Dance and Super Mario on the Wii. We played the piano. Basically we had an awesome time.
Shout out to Brooke... Happy Birthday!!
Thursday, November 25, 2010

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