Sunday, December 12, 2010

Day 70

Saturday is a wondrous day! I slept in. It was fabulous... except I woke up with a headache and it stayed ALL day! I also had to go to work from 2-8 pm. Not thrilling. It's super slow and it just annoys me when I get a call. About an hour into my shift, I messaged the guy responsible for sending people home early and let him know I would be glad to go if he needed to send someone. He didn't take the bait.
The lights at work are motion-sensored, so if no one moves much, the lights shut off. Yes, I was sitting at my desk and the lights turned off! It was already dark outside, so I'm now sitting in pitch black. I scooted my chair out... still no lights. Scooted a little further... no lights. I started waving my arms around like a crazy person... and then they turned on!
I decided to see about the "Go Home Early" list, but the guy had been gone almost an hour. I figured he was at dinner. An hour later, I checked and he was STILL gone! I decided to chance it and message him. Wonder of wonder! He was there!!! I asked if I could go early, and he said yes! I was so excited.. almost disbelieving! Pretty sure he was amused at how excited I got. I left almost 2 hours early, went home, went shopping, and bought some Christmas presents!!
Saturday, November 11, 2010

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